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Over 100 years in the making, Theodore Roosevelt has finally been honored with his very first U.S. Coin. You will receive TWO of these first-release coins for FREE when you secure them in the Theodore Roosevelt Collection.
It’s hard to believe that it’s taken over 110 years for our country to honor such a great politician, conservationist, diplomat, author, president and soldier. You see, for the first time ever, the Mint® has seen fit to honor the great President Theodore Roosevelt on a coin.

You will receive TWO of his first-release coins for FREE when you promise to secure them in the collection honoring one of the most influential men from U.S. history.

With so many achievements like the establishment of the Panama Canal, formation of the Rough Riders, and being the first American to win a Nobel Peace Prize, it’s nearly impossible to believe it’s taken the U.S. Mint® 112 years to specially honor Theodore Roosevelt on a coin!

In numismatic circles, it was believed that because of his commitment to preserving America’s National Parks, Teddy Roosevelt would be placed on the front of the new America the Beautiful™ Quarter Dollars in 2010 instead of using the familiar face of George Washington.

Roosevelt created 5 National Parks. Two of these, Crater Lake and Chickasaw National Recreation Area, have been featured on America the Beautiful™ Quarter Dollars.

Your TWO FREE Uncirculated, First Release Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Golden Dollars will be sent in a collection that highlights this great man’s achievements and accomplishments.

Each Theodore Roosevelt collection is $54. Additional Collections are available at $39 each. However, our BEST DEAL on Theodore Roosevelt Collections is Buy 3, Get 1 FREE. You can save $84 on our BEST DEAL and get 4 Theodore Roosevelt Collections for only $132.

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Your Theodore Roosevelt Collection will include:
  • FREE Uncirculated, First Release Philadelphia Mint Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Golden Dollar
  • FREE Uncirculated, First Release Denver Mint Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Golden Dollar
  • Crater Lake National Park Quarter Dollar
  • Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter Dollar
  • Rare 1939 Panama Canal 25th Anniversary “Canal Zone” stamp
  • 1948 limited-issue Roosevelt Rough Rider stamp
  • Clear Protection case to secure your Roosevelt Collection
  • Gallery-approved Presidential Display
  • FREE Custom Engraving for your Theodore Roosevelt Collection

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