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Benefit from the mistake of the U.S. Mint®. Receive two different nickel designs that were minted within the same year - 1938.
YOU can benefit from a mistake of the U.S. Mint®.....

Usually the United States Mint® will strike the same coin design for years and years. In fact, it used to be law, before the Statehood Quarters, that the Mint had to strike the same coin for 20 years!

But you can now receive two different nickel designs that were minted within the same year - 1938 - the rare and hard-to-find 1938 Buffalo Nickel and the historic and valuable 1938 Jefferson Nickel.

Two totally different historic and rare nickel coins together in a one-of-a-kind treasured collection that were minted in the same year AND... they’re both over 75 years old AND... they’re both FREE... when you consent to have them sealed in a protective, sealed, acrylic security sleeve and placed in the Gallery’s private issue display.

All we ask you to do is cover the placement fee, the protective acrylic security case and the Private-Issue Display.

This is a very prestigious set of coins. Order now and get a $20.00 discount on the placement fee, the acrylic case and the Private Issue Display. Instead of $59.00, pay only $39 for one set and only $32 for any additional sets. That’s an additional $7.00 savings!

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Two rare coins that are 75 years old!
Items Included:
  • 1938 Buffalo Nickel
  • 1938 Jefferson Nickel
  • Private-Issue Display Case
  • Acrylic Security Case
  • FREE Engraving

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