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The 100th Anniversary of the Double Dated Dimes happened recently. Two totally different historic and rare silver dimes together in a one-of-a-kind treasured collection that were minted in the same year AND... they're both over 100 years old.

Yes, two silver dimes from over 100 years ago... the rare and hard to fine 1916 Barber Dime and the historic and valuable 1916 Mercury Dime made with 90% Genuine Fine Silver.

Usually the Unites States Mint® will strike the same coin design for years and years. In fact, it used to be law, before the Statehood Quarters, that the Mint® had to strike the same coin for 20 years!

You can now own one of the most rare, valuable and prestigious sets of coins ever.. in recognition of the 100th Anniversary! So get ready to show your friends and family, children and grandchildren that you now own two of the most famous and rare coins of all time.

United States Commemorative Gallery Officials carefully will secure and protect your 100th Anniversary of the Double Dated Dimes in a securely protective air tight capsule which is then presented in our specially designed Solid Wood, Museum-Quality, Private-Issue Display Case to show off these valuable, rare and historic dimes to full advantage.

GENUINE FINE SILVER, RARE, and HISTORIC, and VALUABLE!  .That's right...these 2 unique treasured dimes are made of 90% Fine Silver making their value soar even more. In fact, in just 5 short years these raRe silver coins have INCREASED IN VALUE OVER 200%


The sale price for this set of historic coins is only $49.00


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Items included:

  •   1916 Silver Barber Dime 
  •   1916 Silver Mercury Dime
  •   Protective capsule
  •   Solid Wood Display Case

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