American Legend Proof Medallions


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These American Legend Proof reproductions of four of America's most collected U.S. Mint coins. The highly sought-after originals date back as far as 1909 and have been rare collector's pieces.

Included in the series of the American Legends collection are:

  • the very first issue Lincoln VDB Penny minted in 1909
  • the very first issue Buffalo Indian Head Nickel minted in 1913
  • the very first issue Mercury Dime minted in 1916
  • the very first issue Washington Quarter minted in 1932

At 39mm or 1.6 inches in diameter, the American Legend Proofs have become a popular collector's item for thousands.

Featuring the classic coin designs of America's Firsts, these genuine 24Kt. gold plated American Legend Proofs are a great collectible alternative to the rare antique originals.
  • Measurement: 39mm diameter
  • Composition: composite metal
  • Plating: 24Kt. GOLD
  • Sealed in a protective capsule

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