1794 Flowing Hair Tribute Proof


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Receive a FREE 1794 Flowing Hair Tribute Proof enriched in .999 SILVER.

These Flowing Hair Tribute Proofs are a stunning likeness of the original 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar minted so long ago by the U.S. Mint®.

There were only 1,750 of these original dollars produced that year and only about 150 are known to exist today!

The value of silver is skyrocketing. Silver has already risen over 116% over the last five years and is showing no signs of stopping, and these Flowing Hair Tribute Proofs are enriched in .999 SILVER.

The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar is believed to be among the first silver dollars struck by the U.S. Mint® and a recent auction sold one for $7,850,000.00! That’s nearly 8 million dollars, a new record!

This unique opportunity gives you the chance to buy detailed reproductions of this famed Flowing Hair Silver Dollar for a fraction of what the original dollars go for at auction!

You can now stock up and buy several .999 SILVER enriched one ounce Flowing Hair Tribute Proofs at National Silver Bailout prices!

Each Proof you send for is protected by a clear coin capsule to protect their value for future generations.

Collectors are scrambling to grab as many of these Tribute Proofs as they can as silver values skyrocket so they can add these valuable Tribute Proofs to their collections and cash in big.

Order today and get a FREE 1794 Flowing Hair Tribute Proof when you request 5!

Measurement: 39mm
Items included:
  Silverplated 1794 Flowing Hair Tribute Proof
  Protective Coin Capsule

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