45th Anniversary Apollo 11 Moon Landing Commemorative Collection


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This 45th Anniversary Collection pays tribute to the moment when American Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped foot on the surface of the Moon.

Now is your chance to receive this 45th Anniversary Collection of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

This fine collection holds your part of this historic event and includes the Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Commemorative Proof plated with GENUINE SOLID SILVER.

Plus, your celebration collection also contains all other American coinage that was in circulation at that time - the 45 year old Silver Kennedy Half-Dollar, made of 40.0% pure silver, the Silver Washington Quarter Dollar, also now over 45 years old, and the 45 year old penny, nickel and dime.

This collection gives you a complete set of American coinage commemorating this exciting, historic event. And, an amazing commemorative stamp, also celebrating the first time we stepped foot out into the unknown, is included in your 45th Anniversary Collection.

To celebrate this event, we have also fashioned a handcrafted, ebony presentation portfolio to house your beautiful and valuable coins and commemorative stamp.

We will secure your valuable coinage and stamp in this handsome Private-Issue, leatherette Portfolio. And it’s yours absolutely FREE! Plus, receive FREE engraving!

Experience again a piece of American history like no other. The high quality and exclusive limited nature of this historic collectible is likely to create significant demand, so act today

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  • Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Commemorative Proof plated with GENUINE SOLID SILVER
  • Silver Kennedy Half-Dollar, made of 40.0% pure silver
  • Silver Washington Quarter Dollar
  • Penny, Nickel and Dime, all 45 years old
  • Apollo 11 Commemorative Stamp
  • FREE ebony, Private-Issue, leatherette Portfolio
  • FREE personalized engraving

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