The Gentlemen’s DiamondExcel Classic Ring


Regular price $29.00

The exclusive DiamondExcel starts with the highest grade CZ. The DiamondExcel is then cut using the highest quality cutting process with 106 hand cut facets. Mined diamonds are typically only cut with 58 facets. The DiamondExcel is then finish-polished using the highest quality polishing process. The end result is that the DiamondExcel is 72% more brilliant and fiery than a high-grade mined diamond. 

The price of a diamond is determined by what jewelers call the four C’s: carat weight, color, clarity and cut. To get the grade of color, clarity, and cut of a DiamondExcel in a mined diamond, you would have to pay on average $20,000.00 for a one carat and $50,000.00 for a 2 carat. 

The 106 facet DiamondExcel comes mounted on your choice of Sterling Silver or Gold Electroplate.