Inspirational Humanities Ring for Men and Women

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Inspirational Humanities Ring. 100% Hypo-allergenic High Quality Stainless Steel Ring engraved with Joy, Hope, Love, Peace, Live, Grow, Faith, Soul and Dream. Perfect for Men or Women sizes 6-11. 

Classic Inspirational Ring design that never goes out of style and goes with any fashion level. “Joy”, “Hope”, “Peace”, “Live”, “Grow”, “Faith”, “Soul”, and “Dream” inscribed around the outside of this fine piece of jewelry. Crafted in pure hypo-allergenic high quality stainless steel, has a domed shank for a comfort fit and has a highly polished finish, with black enamel inside inscribed letters. Look within, find inner strength, balance, peace and serenity with this inspirational ring for Men or Women. A perfect gift for those on the road of life. 

Stainless steel jewelry is durable and does not tarnish. It does not oxidize and can be easily cleaned with warm water and a clean cloth. Those who are allergic to nickel can wear stainless steel as it is a hypo-allergenic product.

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